Praise From Past Coaching Clients

Hear what some of my previous clients have to say...

In their own words...

Below are unedited testimonials and stories from some of my past business mindset and coaching clients. I hope you see the exciting possibilities that can become a reality with the proper support and guidance.

Jen's experience in the Academy:

✅ Developed a business plan that allowed her to create a short and long-term vision of her business, identify potential resources/support/obstacles she may need or come across, get ahead of anticipated challenges, and stay grounded in her mission
✅ Further clarified her marketing message to attract her dream clients effortlessly in her marketing
✅ Dug into the true wants and needs of her community to make sure she was providing them with the services and support they were seeking
✅ Created a signature program based on what she was hearing from her audience
✅ Optimized her website copy to showcase her services, her unique differentiators, and allow for a seamless user experience
✅ Expanded her reach in her community and has been booking workshops and getting featured in local articles
✅ Increased her pricing AND implemented a new sales process that feels EASIER (she landed a client using this process AFTER increasing her pricing!)

👉 “The way Richelle walked me through how to set up my business in a way that is tangible, long-lasting, and strategic so I can spend time with my family as well as run a business is something that I could never put into words. Her academy is so incredible for any business owner that is looking to grow their side hustle.” 👈


Molly's experience in the Academy:

LEFT HER 9-5 only a few months into the Academy!

Since working with me she shares that:

🔥 One module was worth her entire investment!
🔥 She feels more comfortable marketing and selling her services without feeling salesy
🔥 She has a clear vision of what she wants her business to look like long-term (she has some exciting ideas in the works!)
🔥 She feels confident that her services are truly meeting the needs of her clients and community (shown through her increase in sales)
🔥 She is SELLING OUT her services

👉 “If this is something you are considering, I highly suggest working with Richelle. You’re investing in yourself, you’re investing in your business, and the success and the confidence you’ll have by the end of the program is going to make it all worth it!” 👈


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