The #1 Influence on the Success of Your Business

Young woman talks on the phone outside.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, and it won’t be the last.


Despite what some of the industry-leading “gurus” are saying, the #1 influence on the success of your business is not:

  • The number of followers you have
  • The number of “likes” you get
  • Fancy business tools to automate your work and optimize your efficiency
  • Lead generation and top-notch marketing strategies

Now, don’t get me wrong, the above factors certainly can help with your success.

However, the biggest influence comes way before any of this and it is something you need to work on every. single. day.

You guessed it; it’s your mindset.


Your mindset is the ultimate gatekeeper of your success.  It has the power to shape your perspectives, your decisions, your behaviors, your attitude, and so on.

It’s powerful, and it’s necessary.


Do you have a CEO mindset?

Can you be strategic?  Visionary?  Efficient?  EFFECTIVE?

Can you overcome challenges that come your way?  The time it may take to get an ROI on your efforts and investments?

If you think you need to exercise your mindset muscle, let me give you a few helpful tips:


  1. Connect with your why.  WHY did you start your business?  What visions did you have for not only your business but also your LIFE?  Don’t just say it or write; PICTURE it.  What does it LOOK and FEEL like?
  2.  How will your business change the lives of others?  Remember, this is no longer just about YOU.  This is about all of the individuals your services can help- the people who need YOU.
  3.  Plan.  Each and every day.  Consistent action creates a positive mindset.  Notice I didn’t say “perfect” action.  Imperfect action will ALWAYS be better than no action.  Keep taking steps toward your goals and do so with consistency.
  4.  Take notice of when you feel unstoppable and on top of the world.  What was your routine?  What factors contributed to this.  And on days that you feel the opposite to this, do the same.  Write down what your day looked like and challenge yourself to identify what factors made you feel more depleted and “down” than others.

Building a CEO mindset that can push you to dream big and act big for your business is something you will ALWAYS work on.  There is no magic bullet for this.  Your mindset is a muscle, and one that you need to flex often.

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