Business Coaching To Shift Your Coaching Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle

Ditch the one-off courses and go ALL in on a comprehensive business coaching program that will set you up for long-term sustainability and scalability.


Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to stand up a full-time coaching business…

You’re sick of working in a 9-5 position that doesn’t allow you any time freedom…

You feel unsatisfied in your life and career and desperately want to take your passion of coaching full-time…

If you have a passionate coaching side hustle that you want to turn into a sustainable, successful full-time business, I’d like to introduce you to…

The Side Hustle to Main Hustle Coach Academy!

A 6-month online business coaching program designed specifically for busy corporate women who want to ditch the 9-5 life and become the full-time CEO of their own coaching business. Get the strategies, systems, tools, and support needed to build the full-time coaching business of your dreams

What’s Included in this 6-Month Business Coaching Program?

Business coach in Connecticut - coaches client at her office. Sitting at a desk with laptop working.

You’ll Receive:

  • 6-month business and mindset coaching package
  • Hot-seat coaching to work through your unique needs and business challenges
  • Access to a private mastermind community
  • Customized client portal with assignments, videos, and exercises
  • Access to the Business Board of Directors (see below!)
  • Dozens of business templates, scripts, trackers, and more that save you TIME and eliminate guesswork (see below!)

This program is a comprehensive, in-depth 6-month academy to propel your coaching side hustle into a full-time business that gives you more time and financial freedom, and the ability to do work you love.

When you join the Side Hustle To Main Hustle Academy, you’ll gain access to the Business Board of Directors! 

Learn from them their expertise to propel your business and confidence forward! It takes a TEAM of experts to scale a coaching  business, which is exactly what this program provides you! 

All clients receive 1:1 access with the BBD so they can receive highly customized coaching and feedback in these critical areas of building a full-time buisness.

Insurance Expert

Nichole Brown- Insurance Expert Headshot wearing black blazer and red shirt.

Nichole Brown

Need help understanding or applying for insurance? Our insurance expert can help you find the right plan that works best for you.

Kaitlyn Case - Brand strategist and photographer

Kaitlyn Casso

Kaitlyn will empower you to create a unique brand that resonates with your audience, and a clear marketing strategy with highly engaging content.

Betty Barnett - Money Mindset Coach

Betty Barnett

During monthly 1:1 sessions, Betty will coach you through feeling confident about setting pricing for your coaching services, removing limiting beliefs you have about making money as a coach, and improving your relationship with money.

Kristin Overly - SEO Strategist and Copywriter headshot

Kristin Overly

Kristin will work with you 1:1 by providing a highly comprehensive copywriting and SEO audit on your website. She will work with you on how to improve your copy so your website converts clients, and she will provide targeted input on how to increase your SEO score for website visibility.

You’ll also receive these DFY templates and scripts (among several others)!

No more wasting time trying to "figure" out what to do or how to do it. We've done the work for you!

Business Plan Template

Email Nurture Sequence Template

Lead Generation Template

Outreach Strategy & Script

Discovery Call Script

Website Copy Templates & SEO Training

Mindset Assessments

Sales & Prospect Tracker

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Planning Tool

What’s the methodology of the Side Hustle to Main Hustle Coach Academy? I walk you through my strategic 4C’s to long-term business success.

Step 1: Create Your CEO Mindset and Business Vision

What you’ll learn in step 1:

Mindset is the gatekeeper to business success. You will learn how to tap into your CEO mindset which will help you think big, act big and get big results. 

Vision is at the core of a successful business strategy and implementation. By understanding your vision, you can design a coaching business that will support the life you want to create. 

Step 2: Connect With Your Market to Become a Category of One

What you’ll learn in step 2:

Assessment of your market to ensure you stand out from competitors. You’ll conduct market research to find the missing gap in offers so you can strategically stand out in your space.

Step 3: Construct Systems and Processes for Optimal Efficiency and Effectiveness

What you’ll learn in step 3:

Goals, activities, marketing, and client work can become overwhelming. You’ll learn how to create systems and processes that work FOR you. Spend your time LEADING and GROWING your coaching business instead of being stuck in the weeds.

Step 4: Cultivate Effortless Sales

What you’ll learn in step 4:

Learn effective sales strategies to increase your sales in the simplest way possible. Sales don’t need to be icky! I’ll show you how to sell from a place of service, not desperation.

Apply for the Side Hustle to Main Hustle Coach Academy!

Still Not Convinced This Business Coaching Program is for You?

The academy is for your if:

→ You have a dream to be your own boss, be in control of your time, and do work you love.

→ You’re ready to leave the corporate world and create the life and coaching business of your dreams.

→ You want to learn from a coach who has been there and done it all before you. 

→ You desire to scale your coaching side hustle into a full-time business that works for you. 

→ You are ready to put in the work (internal and external) to become a confident CEO.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to stop settling for your corporate life?

Working 40+ hours in a passionless job

Trying to do it all, all the time

Not owning your schedule

If so, then the Side Hustle to Main Hustle Coach Academy is for you!

Let’s build a coaching business that provides you with the life and business you want. 

To get started, complete the application below. I will review your submission and reply within 24-hours with your next steps. If accepted, we’ll start creating a plan to set your coaching business up for success! 

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