Go From Burnt-Out Employee to Confident CEO of Your Coaching Business!

Business and mindset coaching to help you turn your Coaching side hustle into a full-time business!

Hi there, I'm Richelle, a Business and Mindset Coach for Female Coaches.

My Background

As a Human Resources/Training Manager, I was challenged by the corporate setting. Trying to manage time and priorities, maintain relationships, and stay afloat, I was overwhelmed and unsatisfied with my career. 

So how did I go from a burnt-out 9-5er to a successful business coach doing what I love?

I asked for help!

I worked with a business coach and got the mentorship I needed to build and launch the coaching business of my dreams. I gained an insurmountable wealth of information and learned the most effective strategies for sales in business.

Business and Mindset Coach, Richelle Jessey sits on a couch wearing a black blazer and pants.

Richelle Jessey, CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS
Business and Mindset Coach

Mindset Coaching and Business Coaching Connecticut - Richelle Jessey smiles at camera wearing denim jacket.

I've also...

✓ Been trained under an industry-leading powerhouse who has now scaled her business to a nearly $100M empire. I have been using these strategies since.

✓ Became a master of mindset, which is imperative when leaving a corporate job to go full-time with your business.  

✓ Became certified in coaching at iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), one of the largest ICF accredited and recognized coach training programs.

Now, I feel called to share my signature methodology that combines business and mindset coaching into a full-package experience to help you turn your coaching side hustle into the full-time business of your dreams.

Business Values

✓ Women Empowerment

By seeing your true potential, you will feel empowered to make your dreams a reality.

✓ Community

You can build meaningful relationships by growing a business that serves your community.

✓ Networking

By sharing your knowledge, you can create impactful relationships.

My mission is to help you turn your coaching passion into a full-time business that allows you the time, freedom, and money to create the life and business of your dreams.

My Business and Mindset Coaching Style


I take both a coaching and consultant approach.


Strategic planning to help you stand out from competitors.


Strategies that are tried, true, and tested.


6-month academy to ensure optimal transformation.


This academy is deep work to help you achieve BIG results.

I am highly immersed in coaching female coaches to success by actively participating in these organizations:

  • Corporate to 6-figures Coach Academy” business advisor
  • WiseHer Coach, providing coaching services to women in business
  • Be A Beacon In our Industry Certified Coach, providing best practice training and group coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs

Are you ready to turn your coaching side hustle into your main hustle?

You deserve to have the life and business of your dreams. If you are ready to take actionable steps to turn your coaching passion into a full-time business – I’m here to serve you!

Join the academy today and get ready for support, growth, and success!

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